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UK Mini - Ship Shows, 2017

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(Last updated 11th October, 2017)

The majority of these events are 'Mini-Ship Shows' - for collectors of 1/1200 & 1/1250 scale ship models to meet, buy and swop. There will usually be booksellers, dealers in collectables & ephemera, etc., present and sometimes there will be a 'demonstration' wargame. Other events are advertised as 'Ship Shows' and although model dealers may be present it is not guaranteed that there will be. I have attempted to be accurate in this but, if in doubt, check with the organiser!

(UK Dealers also attend other 'Collectors Fairs' - please contact them direct for details of these)

This page is provided free by Tim Hudson of 'Photrek' - it has no connection with any other UK supplier or dealer. I organise the events at Welton whilst the others are organised by my good friends at Waterline Ship Enthusiasts. If you have been brought here by a link to this site from another event - please remember - its not one of mine!

Some of these shows are some distance ahead, but can be reasonably sure that these events will take place. You are asked to respect the copyright of this page.

(As much for my own interest as anything I'm putting together a retrospective list of 'Ship shows' in the UK TJH 31/12/2006)